Butterfly Valley Oludeniz

butterfly valley

Butterfly Valley is a small but fertile land nestled between a deep canyon on the coastline. Named after the unique Jersey Tiger butterfly that flutters through the flora. A dusty trail weaves its way from the beach through lush gardens to a tumbling waterfall. The tranquil natural setting, removed from the busyness of Oludeniz, was exactly what we have been looking for. We wished we would have came to the butterfly valley first and camped out for the two nights we had instead stayed in town. You can rent a tent or a bungalow within the valley and there is a small beach bar serving food and drink.

Other ThIngs to Do Near Butterfly Valley

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the area surrounding Butterfly Valley:

  • You’ll have a cracker of a time splashing in the surf, and sprawling on the shore at Kabak Beach.
  • Stretch out and take a walk along the waterline at Oludeniz Beach. You never know what you’ll see.
  • Take the family on a refreshing walk through the great outdoors at Oludeniz National Park.
  • At Ölüdeniz Tabiat Parkı, the shores and sea air await. So pack your sunnies, and take off to enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Pack a picnic and a camera and head to Gemiler Island to explore.butterfly valley

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